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Rowdy Wellness

Legendary Super-Producer Dallas Austin and NFL player and coach Tavarres King passionately serve you the highest quality products, education, and research on the growing medical hemp market. 

Our purpose is to provide the knowledge of alternative medicine and the therapeutic potentials of medical hemp. 

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Whether you’re new to cannabis or a seasoned user, our coaching programs can help you navigate the often confusing and overwhelming world of cannabis products and consumption methods. Our coaches are trained to provide personalized guidance tailored to your individual needs and preferences.


Dallas Austin

Tavarres King

Tavarres King and Dallas Austin are Co-CEO and Owners of Rowdy Wellness, a CBD company headquartered in Atlanta that focuses on research, education, and quality products for overall health and wellness while striving to create a safer alternative to the escalating opioid situation.

Black Owned and Home Grown is our mantra for Rowdy Wellness as the medical hemp industry is shifting in Georgia. Not only are laws changing for medical legalization, but minority ownership is demanded for anyone who wants to be involved in this growing and changing industry. This is due to the decriminalization of millions of African Americans who have historically been disproportionately targeted and vulnerable to criminal enforcement. The time for change is now!

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